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// $Id: deploy.inc,v 1.1 2009/04/07 22:26:37 adrian Exp $

$new_url = drush_get_option('site_url');
$old_url = drush_get_option('site_url', 'site');

 * @file
 *   Handle site migration tasks for redeployed sites.
 *   This is primarily to handle the rename of the sites
 *   directories.

  dt('Changed paths from sites/@old_url to sites/@new_url',
  array('@old_url' => $old_url, '@new_url' => $new_url)));

db_query("UPDATE {files} SET filepath=replace(filepath, 'sites/%', 'sites/%')", $old_url, $new_url);
db_query("UPDATE {users} SET picture = replace(picture, 'sites/%s', 'sites/%s')", $old_url, $new_url);
variable_set('files_directory_path', "sites/$new_url/files");
variable_set('files_directory_temp', "sites/$new_url/files/tmp");

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