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provision_get_site_data ( url  ) 

Returns the aggregated site data from both the pre-existing site.php file, and the options passed to Drush

This function merges the data from the command line parser, and the information already saved by previous invokations of the api. This provides a single view of all data relating to the site. This function also provides sensible defaults for some of the settings.

url The url of the site being invoked.
An associated array containing the relevant settings for the site.

Definition at line 40 of file provision.inc.

References provision_load_site_data().

  if ($old_data = provision_load_site_data($url)) {
    //Merge previously saved data with the new data. This way, new parameters overwrite old ones.
    $site_data = array_merge($old_data, $site_data);    
  if ($site_data['aliases'] && !is_array($site_data['aliases'])) {
    $site_data['aliases'] = explode(",", $site_data['aliases']);
  return $site_data;

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