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provision_load_site_data ( url  ) 

Load site data stored in the site.php file for the specified site.

url The url of the site being invoked
If the file was found, an associative array of the data that was loaded. Otherwise returns FALSE.

Definition at line 60 of file provision.inc.

Referenced by _provision_drupal_site_installed(), provision_drupal_drush_init(), and provision_get_site_data().

  //Load the configuration data.

  //@TODO remove this, it is a temporary measure until all site.php files are placed by drushrc.php files

  $conf_file = "sites/$url/site.php";
  if (file_exists($conf_file)) {
    provision_path('chmod', $conf_file, 0400);

    // The provision 0.1 config data might contain older data,
    // so any data in the new drushrc.php file would be newer.
    $site_context = drush_get_context('site');
    $site_context = array_merge($data, $site_context);
    drush_set_context('site', $site_context);
  return FALSE;

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