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provision.inc File Reference

Detailed Description

The provisioning framework API.

API functions that are used by the provisioning framework to provide structure to the provisioning modules.

See also:


Site data management utility functions.

Value replacement support for the provisioning framework

Definition in file provision.inc.

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 _provision_file_check_location ($source, $directory= '')
 _provision_recursive_delete ($path)
 _scrub_object ($input)
 provision_get_site_data ($url)
 provision_load_site_data ($url)
 provision_password ($length=10)
 provision_posix_groupname ($group)
 provision_posix_username ($user)
 provision_render_config ($template, $variables)
 provision_save_platform_data ()
 provision_save_site_data ()
 provision_shell_exec ()
 provision_user_in_group ($user, $group)

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