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provision_apache.drush.inc File Reference

Detailed Description

Apache provisioning module This module simply serves to generate the virtual host entry, and make sure apache gets reloaded properly. Because Drupal is running via the command line for the entirety of this process, it is only necessary to make it available online once everything has been completed.

This module still requires configuration and sanity checks. Need to figure out a way to inspect the apache configuration, to ensure that the sites are getting loaded up correctly.

Definition in file provision_apache.drush.inc.

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 _provision_apache_create_config ($file, $data, $template)
 _provision_apache_create_vhost_config ($url, $template=NULL)
 _provision_apache_default_template ()
 _provision_apache_delete_vhost_config ($url)
 _provision_apache_platform_template ()
 _provision_apache_redirect_template ()
 _provision_apache_restart_apache ($cause_error=FALSE)
 provision_apache_drush_init ()

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