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provision_drupal_drush_exit ( url = NULL  ) 

Finalize the platform / site

This will run only if there were no errors in any of the previous hooks, and will allow us to cache the successful settings to the site.php/ drushrc.php files for future runs.

Definition at line 76 of file provision_drupal.drush.inc.

References _provision_generate_config(), and provision_save_site_data().

  $command = drush_get_command();
  $command = explode(" ", $command['command']);
  if ($command[0] == 'provision') {
      if (drush_get_option('installed')) {
        drush_set_option('site_url', drush_get_option('site_url'), 'site');
        drush_set_option('site_id', drush_get_option('site_id'), 'site');
        drush_set_option('client_email', drush_get_option('client_email'), 'site');
    else {

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