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_provision_drupal_maintain_aliases ( url  ) 

Create and remove symlinks for each of the possible domain aliases of an existing site

Definition at line 355 of file provision_drupal.drush.inc.

References _provision_drupal_delete_aliases().

Referenced by drush_provision_drupal_provision_install().

    // First we delete all the old aliases
    _provision_drupal_delete_aliases(drush_get_option('aliases', array(), 'site'));

    $aliases = drush_get_option('aliases');
    if (!is_array($aliases)) {
      $aliases = explode(",", $aliases);
    foreach($aliases as $alias) {
      if (trim($alias)) {
        provision_path("symlink", $url, drush_get_option('docroot_path') . "/sites/" . $alias, 
          dt("Created symlink for alias @alias", array("@alias" => $alias)), 
          dt("Could not create symlink for alias @alias", array("@alias" => $alias)));

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