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provision_mysql.drush.inc File Reference

Detailed Description

Mysql provisioning module.

The goal of this module is to create mysql databases and user accounts, for sites that are about to be created. It uses the provision API to tie into the right places in the site creation work flow.

Definition in file provision_mysql.drush.inc.

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 _provision_mysql_can_create_database ()
 _provision_mysql_create_database ($name)
 _provision_mysql_database_exists ($name)
 _provision_mysql_destroy_site_db ($db_name, $db_user, $db_passwd, $db_grant_host=NULL)
 _provision_mysql_drop_database ($name)
 _provision_mysql_flush_privileges ()
 _provision_mysql_grant ($name, $username, $password, $host= '')
 _provision_mysql_grant_host ($db_host, $web_ip, $web_host)
 _provision_mysql_import_dump ($dump_file, $db_name, $db_user, $db_passwd, $db_host)
 _provision_mysql_new_site_db ($db_name, $db_user, $db_passwd, $db_grant_host=NULL)
 _provision_mysql_revoke ($name, $username, $host= '')
 _provision_mysql_suggest_db_name ($url)
 provision_mysql_drush_exit ()
 provision_mysql_drush_help ($section)
 provision_mysql_drush_init ()

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